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Periodic Update from Andrew
March 14, 2016


As my clients and many others know, during the fall and winter I'm invited to speak to farm operator and landowning audiences around North Carolina and Virginia on my law practice experiences in dealing with common issues that impact their farms and families.  The topics I address are normally those of title transfer through gifts, sales, wills and trusts and business organizations such as limited liability companies.  This "season" I was privileged to address communities in Craven, Stanly, Wilkes, Chowan, Ashe, Chatham, Harnett, Robeson, Person, Wake and Guilford Counties.  I was also invited to address the annual Virginia Grain Growers conference in Williamsburg, Virginia and the annual North Carolina State Grange conference in Nags Head, North Carolina.  I'll have a few more upcoming shows, but they are thinning out as the weather warms.


As promised to a number of folks along the road this season, the most recent presentation can be found as a pdf here.


I find this education work rewarding in that it affords me the challenge of simplifying relatively complicated legal topics, and I'm grateful for the audience questions that tell me how well I'm doing (or where I should try a different approach!).  After all, part of my role as lawyer in working with private clients is that of a trainer, responsible for ensuring the client and their family really understand their planning architecture and can navigate the ongoing process of estate transfer. 


While the presentation on paper may fail to flesh out some of the concepts explained in oral presentation, hopefully some of the slides and bullet points will better inform readers on questions to put to their professional legal and tax advisers.  If anyone has a question directly to me, please send an email through the Make Contact page, or feel free to give me a call and perhaps set up an appointment to meet up in my office or perhaps out on the farm.


Talk soon!

Andrew Branan

Hillsborough, NC


A Note About the illustrations on this website:  The illustrations you find on this websites are enhanced photos I've taken over the years on my travels around North Carolina and Virginia.  Photoshop does wonders with the mundane image, even one taken through a windshield.