Useful Online Resources

Rural Tax Education (Utah State Cooperative Extension, provides samples or farm tax returns)

National Agricultural Law Center (University of Arkansas' library of legal resources touching numerous topics in agriculture)

National Timber Tax Website (This website pretty much covers what you and your accountant need to know regarding maximizing the tax benefits associated with forestry management)

Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation (Iowa State University's interpretations of recent tax decisions and other judicial actions affecting farming and agriculture)

The Ag Risk Education Library

Code of Federal Regulations (US Government's rules interpreting implementation of federal legislation)

NC MarketReady (NC State University website offering information portals broken down by crops, including production and marketing)

Growing Small Farms (NC Cooperative Extension agent Debbie Roos' excellent online resources for small farmers including planting charts, beneficial and harmul insect identification, etc.) (North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation's overview of North Carolina's over-the-road transportation laws as they apply to agriculture)

Planning the Future of Your Farm

A Workbook on Farm Transfer Decisions

The Planning the Future of Your Farm workbook has evolved since 2006 to its latest printing (2016).  The workbook was born of a need to consolidate a narrative package and worksheets to support farm families in their decision-making around farm transfer.  You can download a PDF of the most recent North Carolina printing here

North Carolina (2014 ed.)

The Planning the Future of Your Farm workbook is built in four sections:  1. Developing Your Vision of the Future; 2. Evaluating Your Resources 3. Understanding Farm Transfer Tools, and 4. Meeting With Professional Advisers.  The workbook is designed to help farm owners begin or refine their process of making the legal decisions to protect their farm, land and resources.  The book is filled with self-assessment worksheets to help articulate values, goals, farm net worth, and basic information to facilitate basic estate and business planning decisions.

During the past decade, Planning the Future of Your Farm has been published in Virginia, South Carolina/Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Washington State (including a Spanish translation).  The workbook is available for licensing to other states in partnership with local collaborators, usually to support a project targeted at educating farmers and landowners about estate planning and farm transfer.  Special printings of the workbook can also be arranged for distribution at special events and use in farmer and landowner workshops.


Education Presentations

Andrew Branan has worked in Virginia and North Carolina and points elsewhere in the country helping groups of farmers and landowners gain an enhanced perspective and better understanding of farm legal and tax issues, particularly those surrounding transfer of the family farm.  Topics generally covered are farm transfer (estate and business planning), farm access orientation for new farmers, landowner and operator legal liability, and other select topics as requested.

Sample Presentation Clients:  Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference • North Carolina Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference • National Christmas Tree Association • Mount Olive College Lois G. Britt Agribusiness Center • American Cheese Society • Carolina Farm Credit • North Carolina Greenhouse Vegetable Association • North Carolna Turfgrass Council • Virginia Farm Bureau Women's Conference • Organic Gowers School • South Carolina Farm Bureau State Conference • North Carolina Dairy Producers Conference • North Carolina Agritourism Network • Joint Commodities Conference • American Agricultural Law Association • North Carolina Pastured Pork Conference • Virginia Small Farms Conference • National Small Farms Conference • Carolina Farm Stewardship Association • National Women in Agriculture Conference • North Carolina Peach Growers Association • Upstate Forever (South Carolina) • Rolling Hills RC&D (Georgia) • Conservation Trust for North Carolina • North Carolina Nursery and Landscaping Association • North Carolna Cooperative Extension (numerous counties statewide) • Virginia Cooperative Extension (numerous counties statewide) • Numerous County Cattlemen's Associations • California Farmlink